Operate Lease
Operate Lease is getting more and more popular also in Slovenia. It fits to the customers who only wish to use the vehicle and are not interested in owning it after the leasing contract ends. The basis for installment - lease - calculation is the difference between the value of the car at signing the contract and the expected market value of the car at the end of the contract. To evaluate the future market value, the duration of the contract and the expected mileage are essential, presuming the usual use and maintenance of the vehicle. At the end of the lease, the lessee either returns the vehicle or puts into effect his right of preemption and buys it by the expected price.

Characteristics and advantages of the Operate Lease:

-     According to the VAT- Law, the Operate Lease is considered as service business, thus, each installment is charged with VAT;
-     The basis for calculation of the individual installment is the reduction of the vehicle's value during the period of usage;
-     The customer avoids the usual risks of the used cars market, the value of the vehicle after the contract's end is known in advance;
-     The lessee can register the vehicle on his/her name and is thus allowed to use the local registration plates; the lessor is stated as owner in the »notice« of the vehicle's license till the end of the contract;
-     The credit potential of the customer is not reduced; the need for liquid funds is lower;
-     The lessor enters the vehicle to fixed assets, the lessee - legal person - considers the sum of the paid rents completely as costs
-     The lessee doesn't pay the whole VAT, but only for the part of the price, calculated to the rent;
-     Monthly payment of VAT at due date of each installment;
-     At Operate Lease for commercial vehicles, the VAT-taxpayers can deduct the paid part of VAT as entrance VAT.

The Operate Lease contracts usually last from 12 to 48 months for personal cars and up to 60 months for commercial vehicles; the downpayment -own participation- depends on customer's wishes and ability, however at least 15 % of the price. Operate Lease finances the purchases of new personal and commercial vehicles.

You are welcome to use our online calculator for easy and quick Operate Lease calculations by yourself. .

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